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The Bloscars: Bible Awards Show

                                              Straight from HOLYwood!

                                                                September 17th, 2017

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                       Bloscars Henry host and homilist             Bloscars cast 2            Bloscars Apple Noah               



                                                 Bloscars wayne jesus                     Bloscars King Herod and Jesus

Christingle: December 24th at 4pm

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What is Christingle?

It's our annual Nativity Pagent with the nearly the entire Sunday School! And parents get in the spirit too--playing various angels, Scribes and King Herod!

 Many parishioners have asked what "Christingle" means regarding our Christmas Eve family Christingle service.  Here's a short primer on the tradition we adopted from across the pond!  Christingle means 'Christ's Light' and it is a symbol of the Christian faith. Lots of churches hold Christingle services around Christmas time. The custom of giving out lighted candles in these services began in Germany in 1747 but it wasn't introduced to the Anglican Church in England until 1968.
Christingles are made up of different parts, each one being there to remind us of something.
  • The orange represents the world.
  • The candle reminds Christians of Jesus who is the light of the world.
  • The red ribbon goes all round the 'world' and being the color of blood, reminds Christians that Jesus died.
  • The four cocktail sticks could have either of two meanings; the four seasons or the four corners of the world.
  • The sweets (or sometimes dried fruit) remind Christians of God's gifts to the world including kindness and love.

Shrove Tuesday

We will have a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and flap Jack relay races with the whole parish at 5pm. As per tradition, we will also cook a full meal at this time for the men at the Glen Cove Homeless shelter.

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We invite parishoners and neighbors to our old-fashioned Easter egg hunt under the maypole following a special Easter Sunday School.

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Annual Flight of the Kites during Coffee Hour on the Fair Lawn.

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