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What's Happening Sunday - September 3rd

Labor Day Weekend Sunday School and Nursery 10:30!

The First Firshwhich!

Did you know that Jesus invented fast food?  It's true!  Remeber the miracle of the loaves and fishes?  5000 starving peeps and then in a blink of an eye the Apostles are handing out fish-wiches to everybody --- on the house!

But do you remember where Jesus got the 5 loaves and fishes?  He use in the most miraculous multiplication maths problem ever sloved.  He got them from a child!  Not an Apostle, not an adult, not a king, not a fisherman or baker, not a grocery store -- not even from an angel!

That child was the repository of the blessed bread with which Jesus fed the throngs.  Fancy that!  A child working with Jesus to teach the most improtant message of the Gospel.  I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE John 6:35, Jesus is the LIVING BREAD.

Kids just know that the food He gives is God's pure powerful love.  Jesus drops it like a miracle cookie into the ultimate cookie jar - our heart!

The Eucharist is the most amazing way to receive the love of Jesus.  Let Him give you this love.  Eat out! Come to church and full up on this food, this love that is eternal; the only fast food that is free and multiplies in you when you pass it out.  You are a blessed repository of love!

The children and youth will make craft-whiches handing a paper fish sandwiches out at coffee hour in an ode to this Gospel, the last of our Summer themed classes that featured all the water and fish and stories we could fine in the Bible.  Like Noah's Ark, Baby Moses floating down the river, Jonah and the Whale, Jesus walking on water, and more!

What's Happening Sunday - August 13th


Even the Gospel is in the summer spirit! Its the best Sunmerbration ever, ever, ever with Jesus walking on water! 
We will celebrate first with one of Mrs. Powers famous crafts and the older kids will help Miss Courtney make Jesus Jello for coffee Hour! 
Truthfully it's not exactly surprising that Jesus could walk on water, after all he was a man of miracles. It is  a spectacular miracle however!! Still He is Jesus! So what's the real story here for our Sunday Sleuths? It's Peter. A lot of times Peter gets booed for walking on the water and then sinking for his lack of faith. It's like a tough olympics!! But we are the sorts who cheer people on so let's look at this a different way!  Peter was the one who jumped out of the boat. None of the other disciples did. Just because they didn't look foolish doesn't mean that they get off easy! The big thing here is that walking on water is a very tricky miracle. And the fact that Peter did it for even a few seconds was grand! Spectacular! Heroic! His plunge therefor is no humiliation. You see, the real story here is that Peter GOT OUT OF THE BOAT! 
How often do we stay in our boat because it's comfortable or so we won't make a mistake and especially we stay there so no one sees us make a mistake!  Is there a boat you know you need to hop into? A new school for a child? A new job for a parent? Getting in touch with some old friends? Going back to the opera or hockey? Going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land or a shirt brisk walk every morning ? Maybe it's easy maybe it's not so...always know if you can't get out of that boat...Jesus will jump in it with you!  So either way , one way or another if you set your heart on Jesus you will walk on water for others in your life!

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What's Happening Sunday - August 6th


Please bring old back packs if you have them for the children of St James Episcopal Church on the Sioux Cheyenne reservation. Thanks!! 


Tomorrow we will discuss Jonah and the Whale. Part of our Biblical Summerbration! It's fun but deep. Literally and figuratively! Dive in!!! 
We so often remember it as a story of Jonah running away from God and the consequence was being  eaten by a whale. But that analysis doesn't serve our spiritual growth at all well. So Jesus Himself retaught the story. Mathew 12:40


For as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for three days and three nights so will the Son of Man be three days and nights in the heart of the earth. 
So how do wring out the sponge to get the truth of this story? 
For starters Jonah is much more like us than we imagine. He didn't do anything bad  or break a law to end up in the whales stomach.  The problem was that maybe he was too good even for God! What! You see he refused to go to Ninevah to preach about God because he knew them to be terrible sinners. The city had a terrible reputation. So Jonah being a very Good God person thought it would defile him  to go there and more importantly as an educated man he knew these horrible people would never change their ways. So he hopped on a boat for home thinking he knew these people better than God! He was wrong! 


But God had to do something pretty dramatic to help Jonah grow enough to do the real work of the Lord. So after he was swallowed by the whale and lived there three days and was unceremoniously coughed up...he was so grateful to God that he went straight to Ninevah and a miracle happened! The whole city repented and dedicated their life to living God and others! 


The Good News here is that God truly knows that even in the worst, meanest acting people He is there inside them buried so deep He is hard to see. And he depends on dispatching you and me to be a Jonah for one person or a animal or a group or maybe a city!  


And this foreshadows Jesus  resurrection  where for three days he lay in the tomb and as He Rose He insured ,guaranteed ,promised each of Us and even every mean, greedy soul ,like people of Ninevah ,they would through him return to love  by helping them remember who they really are -a reflection of God's love and light.  As Mother Teresa  said, " allow God to use you without consulting you!" Much love, Miss Courtney


What's Happening Sunday - July 30th


Imagine the Church turned into Willy Wonka's chocolate Factory!


Father Mark asked me to do the Homily tomorrow and I always base it on a children's book. I have based the Homily on finding Jesus in the chocolate factory--Willy Wonka's to be exact! I hope it will be poignant for the parents and spirited, short and sweet for the kids!  And what would a chocolate factory be without children!  So! Sunday School will be held in church but you aren't sitting with your parents!


We have set up a factory for the kids (two long tables up against the Altar Rail and a smaller kids table as well) where they will make Gospelized Golden Tickets out of gold glitter bordered poster board i found! They will also hand out Golden Tickets to each parishioner during announcements.


Dear George Stimola will be leading us! There is no Eucharist, it is Morning Prayer so it will be a nice short service for a beautiful summer day!


Coffee hour to follow with....some chocolate for sure!!!!!


The NURSERY will be open !!!!



What's Happening Sunday - July 23rd

Every spy has their gadgets! So should our Sunday School kids--important work this Spiritual stuff!

Tomorrow we will meet in an "undisclosed location"Befitting our agents of God!  (because of the heat wave we will all (nursery through youth but split in two huge rooms!) be in the Basement of Little Learners.)


Just for this Sunday we will call our location the Central Inspiration Agency! We are still jolly well battling our way through the Old Testament! Tomorrow we are getting one more day with Moses. You may recall he won our best dad in the Bible award on Fathers Day!! Tomorrow we talk about Moses and Miracles and how Jesus in a miracle not directly spoken of in the Gospels, shrank the 10 Commandments of Moses from 10 dont's to 2 do's! And because I do not want the kids taking two slabs of stone home with the 10 commandments on them and because we want a gadget of sorts to make in our Undisclosed location;   we are going to make a popsicle stick folding book with the 2 dos of Jesus! It will fold virtually flat and fits in a pocket. No one will know that God's agents are carrying super important information! They will know just whom to share them with:; perhaps a kid from  John's Cold Spring or someone who has never gone to church! Daring!


The level of the craft will vary from super simple and preprepated for the younger to much more sophisticated for the youth. Its a gift more powerful than the 10 commandments. What!!! You heard me!  The two Commandments of Jesus are the most powerful two verses in the history of the world. Our kids Gospel gadget may just bring peace to their part of the planet and beyond!

Our wonderful Mrs Powers will have the 4 through 7 year olds and Miss Courtney and Mr. McGonagle will have 8 and up!!'

Please volunteer if you can!

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What's Happening Sunday - July 16th

As we study the OT, the kids have been lamenting that no one ever listens to God.  They have a point indeed! I told them that I understood their frustration!  And that their parents and God have a lot in common!!  And that they should listen to you both! They have been studying the naughty  behavior of many people in the Old Testament; people who have made God quite grumpy! This week God gets so grumpy that he burns an entire city down. Oh boy, that's pretty mad. But why? God does tell one family ahead of time to flee it. God had told all the others in the city but they didn't listen. But there was a hitch. God asked this one family just one thing..."Don't look back." But Lot's wife had some trouble with this. She looked back and you won't believe what happened to her.... but you'll have to come to Sunday School to find out what!


Love, Miss Courtney


PS: Our kids get the OT! "They really need Jesus." And interestingly Lot's Wife is the one OT story Jesus refers back to in The Gospel.


Nursery:              Infants up to 3, Little Learner's Basement


Sunday School:   Rectory Second Floor

                            Ages 3-6 Garden of Eden Craft room with Mrs. Powers

                            1st-4th Grades New Jesus Room with Miss Courtney                
Youth:                  Rectory: Second floor through Children's Chapel.
                            5th grade and Up:  Camel Corner in New Jesus Room with Mr. McGonagle.



Come Sing!  Calling all families! Come join the volunteer choir this summer! Chris Brayne, our Choir Director, says, "God gave everyone a voice, so everyone can sing!" When: Meet at 9:30 tomorrow in the church for an orientation and practice followed by singing during the 10:30 Service. Ages: Children, teens, young adults, parents, grandparents and great-grand parents.


Come Pray!

Morning Prayer
Monday through Friday, 9AM, In the Church Chapel.  Just 20 minutes!


Healing Eucharist
12 PM  Wednesdays



What's Happening Sunday - July 9th

Summer Sunday School:  As we continue to tackle the Old Testament--(quite literally--there are quite a few amazing matches in there to rival Wimbledon and epic feats rivaling Team USA winning the Olympic ice hockey match against the Russians  years ago!!  This week Noah has to gather everything from mosquitoes to sharks ahead of the flood. Yikes!! And the older kids are getting ready for the Bible "Oscars" Awards show Labor Day Sunday to be held in lieu of the sermon. We have presenters and awardees. So come join this fun adventure! Who says the Bible is boring? Not if you have read it!!!  However, it was quite good that Jesus came along to sort everyone out properly!


Nursery in Children's Chapel upstairs just temporarily
(while air conditioning is installed in the Little Learner's wing of church)


What a fantastic invitation!
Family Overnight Camp-out on the pond at St. John's Cold Spring
Friday, July 21st,at 6pm

St. John's of Cold Spring has invited our Sunday School and youth families to bring our tents, sleeping bags and to be prepared to have a great time camping on the edge of St. John’s pond.

Dinner will be served. Followed by activities, evening prayer with s’mores and our first Movie on the Pond.  Wake up to a breakfast of eggs and bacon!  This was a real blast last year and we hope to make it an ongoing tradition.  RSVP To register by July 14th, please send an email to: youth.families@stjcsh.org

More fun details!

  • All ages are welcome: this is a family camp-out. Last year there were children aged 6 months to 18 years old.
  • You don't have to camp-out to come to the camp-out. Bring your family just for the evening's activities.
  • High Schoolers don't need a chaperone. If your high schooler would like to join, for fun or to help, they can come without parents.
  • The tents will be set up around the patio by the pond. Campers will have access to the restrooms in the church.
  • Families from Christ Church Oyster Bay and St. John's Lattingtown have been invited to join us.
  • Please reply to this email (youth.families@stjcsh.org) by Friday, June 14th to register. This helps us to manage food and activities.

I really look forward to hearing from you all and to seeing you during this opportunity for mid-summer fellowship.

The Rev. Jesse Lebus, and PS: Miss Courtney is going too!

What's Happening Sunday - July 2nd

Who better to celebrate 4th of July Sunday than Jesus who secured our eternal freedom!

And as we continue our field trip through the Old Testament this summer, we will also celebrate one of the freedom heroes in the Bible -Noah! We will need galoshes for this soggy story!  

Working with GOD, Noah secured FREEDOM for humans and animals and birds and fish and insects against the deadly flood. He also secured freedom for mankind to live with hope and love and faith as a lot of grumpy negative people were left to drown. Ok life was not easy in the OT --we are finding that out!!
Tomorrow :  We will discuss some fun things like did Noah really have to save mosquitoes and sharks? Of course he did but why? And we will discuss how they managed to take care of all these animals on a boat!

And Mrs. Powers has planned out one of her super fantastic crafts for the Noah & the Ark story!!


 What's Happening Sunday - June 25th

Summer Sunday School!

Every Sunday at 10:30 from June 25th - September 3rd!


June 25

Children I:  Adam & Eve: Why do we eat apples today when they got these two into so much trouble?      

Children II + Youth:  Adam & Eve and Top ten animal, birds or reptiles in the Bible!

July 2

Children I: Noah & Ark: Why did he bring mosquitos and other annoying things aboard?

Children II + Youth: Noah & The Ark and Top ten spectacular inventions in the Bible

July 9

Children I: Lot’s Wife: You may never sprinkle salt on your French fries again!

Children II + Youth: Lot’s Wife and Top ten kids in the bible

July 16

Children I: Joseph & His technicolor coat: When the Bible went al Broadway!

Children II + Youth: Joseph & His Technicolor coat and Top ten worst people in the Bible

July 23

Children I: Moses: Miracles & Misses!

Children II and Youth: Moses: Miracles & Misses and Top ten miracles in the Bible

July 30

Children I: David & Goliath: best spiritual sporting match in history!

Children II and Youth: David & Goliath and Top ten scariest things in the Bible!

August 6

Children I: Jonah & The Whale. You eat fish but what if a fish ate you?!

Children II and Youth: Jonah and Top ten heroes in the Bible

August 13

Children I: Daniel & The Lion’s Den: Best beast tale in Bible!

Children II and Youth: Top ten worst brothers in the Bible

August 20

Children I: Jericho: The Walls Came tumbling down! Did that news make Newsday!

Children II and Youth: Jericho and Top ten worst places in the Bible

August 27

Children I: Rahab & Ruth: The ancestors of Jesus weren’t saints…Oh my!

Children II and Youth: Rahab & Ruth and Top ten kindest people the Bible

September 3

A prayer sandwhich and the Miracle of the Loaves and fishes!



Septermber 10

Welcome Back Sunday!


Septemebr 16 and 17

St. John’s of Lattingtown Country Fair

             10:30 AM Mass on the Grass: Fair Lawn

             No Sunday School—all kids volunteer at fair. Nursery open.

What's Happening Sunday - June 18th

Fathers Day Edition!  Top 10 Reasons to come to church this Sunday!

1-Start Fathers Day off with thanks!

2- Come meet our new Curate, The Rev' Stephen Tamke! He is amazing!

3- Curate's Cake at Coffee Hour!

4- Catch up with friends and make new ones!

5- You work hard all week. If you are tired, come BE inspired! Your pew isn't an office or a command performance - it's a safe space where you cn be yourself.  We like you that way!

6- All week God gives you bread but you have to make the toast! But at the Eucharist all you have to do is recieve!  It's the mst nutritious "Dinner Out" for your soul and no cooking and no dishes!

7- The kids are upstairs the whole service.  Relax with God.  Ahhhhhh......peace!

8- Sing at the top of your lungs and clear up to heaven!  Chris Brayne, our new Music Director and Organist is fantastic!

9- A real workout! Prayer is pilates for the heart and the Gospel is like a good golf game --- Jesus gives you just the right clubs! Holy in One!

10- Leave church knowing you are loved amd beautiful and a perfect child of God.  You are a mirror of HIS love! Go out there and be this mirror to others! You don't have to be clever or wait for the right time.  You can be shopping or dropping kis off at shcool and you are that mirror!  People will walk away not knowing exactly what happened but they feel wonderful instead of woeful after being with you!

Angels (4 thru 3rd Grade)

Kids vote on best dad in the Bible! Plus craft inspired by dads of the Bible painted by the great masters!

Youth! - Camel Corner (4th Grade and up)

Designing wellness village with Mr. McGonagle for the homeless and hungry.  To be presented to the Mayor of Glen Cove.

 What's Happening Sunday - June 11th

Trinity Sunday!  There is no better way to celebrate and understand this biblical blockbuster then by using our simple beloved Sunday School apple as an example!  The peel, flesh and seeds all are one but also individuated. Each has a role but act as a whole!  God in His Glory!

Apple Ministry!

In the spirit of Trinity Sunday....We will decorate our Apple Ministry bags for the INN Soup Kitchen's parents and kids after crafts.  You see, our kids live the Trinity everyday letting it work through us, in us, and with us for good!

Crafts! - Lambs

Mrs. Powers has a beautiful Trinity craft for 3 years up to 6 years.  She always has the most fantastic ideas and her crafts belong in a big Sunday School museum!


Miss Courtney has the children through 3rd grade.  We will look at how the great master painters employed Apples in their religious paintings and then we will each do our own apple masterpiece.  We will hang them at the soup kitchen when we bring the apple bags.

Youth! - Camel Corner (4th Grade and up)

Virtual Shelter.  Mr. McGonagle hosts the youth in the Camel Corner.  The kid are designing the kind of homeless shelter that Jesus would build

What's Happening Sunday - June 4th

Its Pentecost!  Come celebrate the Church's Birthday with Cake, Crowns, Crafts and Christ!

Craft ages 4 through 3rd Grade

Decorating the Pentecost Cake with flames made of colored icing.  Making glorious flame crowns and halos for us and parish!  Studying the crown, halo and nimbus used to depict Christ, the Saints and Holy people by the great master painters and stained glass artisans in art history.

Youth! - Camel Corner (4th Grade and up)

The youth will continue designing a homeless shelter as Jesus would have with Mr. McGonagle.

11:30 Children's Pentecost Procession & Coffee Hour

The Sunday School will come down to church for the last hymn when they will join Father Mark and walk for the Altar to the Cloister for coffee hour.

11:40 Annual Flight of the Kites


  1. Sunday School will now go the full hour and we will all meet up at coffee hour.  Where else on the planet do the parents and kids want to stay in Sunday School longer? We are truly blessed with the BEST families in the world! We love you and we hear you! Children will have opportunities to attend services as acolytes, eventual participation in children's choir (TBD by our Music Director, Chris Brayne)  and at Children's Church. *If you wish you children to be present for the Eucharist, you may come up and collect them.
  2. New Sunday School Office! Update! The curtains will go up next week along with a huge photo board that will narrate in real time the LIFE! of the Sunday School and the Parish! Another board across the room will have all the latest Parish information, events and special notices of new amazing things!
  3. A Listening and Sharing Night Series: Opioids, Family Life & Navigating this EpidemicThe St. John's  of Lattingtown Children's Ministry and Outreach are jointly hosting a series of 4 listening and sharing nights in June focusing on the Opioid Epidemic that has hit Long Island hard. This is not a 12 Step program but a gathering for parents and neighbors wanting to learn about the epidemic or share their experiences in a loving faith community setting. Through compassion and a commitment to erasing the stigma attached to this addiction, we will develop understanding of this epidemic, identify tools and resources as we navigate together. It is our hope this series will become an ongoing group. It has been a wake up call to me how many in our community have been affected and Bishop Provenzanno has urged all churches in our diocese to host or attend these gatherings for good.
  4. Parish Hall: Monday Nights; June 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th @ 7PM
  5. Nursery! The nursery is now in the basement of Little Learners and it is wonderful! Little Learners had made the basement happy, fun and beautiful for their kids and have been so kind to share with us on Sundays!  There is a full play kitchen and so many toys and lots of space! There will also be air conditioning hopefully in July! And of course Miss Ruth, Miss Melissa and Emma are a blessing to all the children and are there to keep things safe and happy! So brave the basement because it's a spirited space!

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