Laity Ministries at St. John’s of Lattingtown

We have an incredibly strong ministry constellation. Our laity is known for their leadership skills and their ability to pinpoint needs and address them with alacrity which is defined as “ brisk and cheerful readiness” in the dictionary. But the real definition of what they do is found in the Gospel under one word—love. And to us, deep in the definition is the real golden nugget—the spirit of love as a verb. Our ministries, such as AGAPE and The Fall Fair, address the needs of our greater community. We are also mindful of the importance of “in-reach” where we have ministries such as Nurture Group and Prayer & Care that address the care of the spiritual needs of parishioners. This two-fold approach works because by bolstering the spirit of our parishioners they then may BE the Gospel for their families, friends and those of the community in need—whether as part of a parish team or on their own doing God’s work.

In-Reach Ministries

Welcoming Ministry

Making newcomers and recent members feel welcome and to help them navigate their new church is hugely important. During this time of transition we are reimagining wonderful ways to make our welcome something so lovely that people will want to make us their forever home. One of the most successful ways we have done this recently is through our Sunday school. And it’s not just parents but grandparents too that we take under our wings. Grandparents are a very important part of the Sunday school and we want to encourage generational involvement because as they say—the family that prays together—stays together! As well, we seek to involve grandparents whose families may live in another part of the country. How can one be lonely with 70 children around!

Prayer & Care

This group provides tea totes (St. John’s tote bags filled with tea, jam, cookies and a note) to parishioners who are ill, in need of cheer or celebrating a baby, birthday or anniversary. They also keep abreast of those in the parish who are in need of prayer or other kinds of help. This ministry is also an outreach in that parishioners are encouraged to take the tea totes to friends and others in the community.

Nurture Group

Meets once a week and serves two purposes: One, to read books that maintain and grow spirituality and have a discussion about how the contents may affect the life of each member. Second, to “nurture” a person with a particular situation that may be troubling them.

Coffee Hour

A huge favorite at St. John’s--always festive and happy and jammed!


Stewardship in general is a most misunderstood ministry but not here! Our Stewardship committee is working to make giving compelling and dare we say irresistible. On a serious note, we have an amazing clever and creative committee that is energized and dedicated to taking our growth to new levels.

Altar Guild

We believe we have the finest Altar Guild in the Episcopal Kingdom! Such loyalty and artistry takes our breath away on a regular basis. Not only are we spoiled by the Altar Guild but their holy craft has made so many weddings exquisitely memorable and has lifted spirits during many a sad funeral.

Parish Library

We keep a library of religious books from Bibles to Pilgrimage journeys for quiet reading in our Harry Potter-like Guild Room!

Eucharistic Lay Ministers, Acolytes, Ushers and Readers

Our ELM’s our real heroes making sure ill parishioners are visited after each Sunday service. They dedicate many hours taking the Lord to the sick and there are countless stories of marked improvement in patients after such happy and holy visits. Our acolytes are wonderful and knowledgeable as are our readers who are also very respectful of the Word of The Lord. Readings are clearly delivered so all can hear these important words. Our ushers are notable for their years of dedicated service and kindness to long time parishioners and new members alike.


We have our own resident Adam and Eve who lovingly care for the grounds. Even the weeds are loved before they are sent on their way! One visitor from New Jersey commented on the beauty and care of our grounds. Certainly care for God’s flora and fauna is a beautiful ministry that we share with our neighbors and community. Our past vestry member who cared for the gardens for years is a hero in our hearts for all she did to keep us beautiful!

Outreach Ministries

Outreach Committee

In 2013 grants totaling $37,708 were made to quite a number of organizations including: Episcopal Charities, Pet Safe Coalition, North Shore Sheltering Glen Cove (Homeless), Glen Cove Boys and Girls Club, Jones Manor (nursing home), Muscular Dystrophy, Living Water for Women (a home and help for women recently released from prison), Guardian Angels Family Crisis Center, the Glen Cove Arts Council and many more.


AGAPE members always have their ears to the ground assessing and acting on immediate and long term needs in the community. Their work is too vast to note here but we will give a few examples! They cook a full dinner once a month for The Glen Cove men’s shelter as well as stocking their pantry in the fall with things ranging from food stuffs, toiletries, socks , cleaning products to powdered drinks. The Sunday School Fathers deliver the meal, serve, sit down and speak with the men and do clean up. This complete circle of connection from cooking to serving to clean-up leaves the men with full stomachs and full hearts! They work with many organizations helping abused women, pregnant teens, women released from prison. They host a luncheon once a year where the speaker is always a woman of faith who has made a real difference in her community. This was in inspired by a long time parishioner named Amanda Schuster who encouraged all the women in the parish to be fearless in lending their time and talents to the parish and wider community.

Fall Country Fair

This is a massive effort that brings great joy to the greater community members who attend and for funding outreach ministries. It’s also great fun for the whole parish. The Fair Committee, parents and kids rally together and never fail to put on the best fair they can! This year the Sunday School hosted miniature sail boat racing contests and a new sweet shop. And every year the wine toss is a big favorite! The fair is a decorators dream! People come from far and wide to decorate their homes and themselves with the finest things. Most importantly the funds raised support our ministries and our church so we can continue the great works and worship we are known for.

Children’s Apple Ministry

The children place an apple in a pouch upon which they have write love, peace, faith or hope. Then they cinch it with a ribbon and we take all the apples to local girls and boys clubs, first responders and among many other organizations. The Mill Neck School for the Deaf and the Bayville Volunteer Fire Department were both particularly moved by this unexpected dear, handmade and healthy gift.

Music at St. John’s

With our new organ our already popular concerts will now be out of this world! There is nothing like music to connect a greater community and when word goes out that we will be hosting a music program—there is great excitement! Music is St. John’s way of healing and inspiring and spreading joy unconditionally and at no cost.

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