Greeters and Ushers


Greeters and Ushers are on-hand to welcome parisioners as they arrive at church before the 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sunday services.  They hand out service leaflets and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.  Those interested in becoming a Greeter or an Usher should contact Peter Marshall at (for Ushering and for Greeting).


Our Welcoming Committee has set up a number of programs to make the first visit a positive one. Please remember that the ushers and greeters are one of the first parishioners that the potential new member will meet. Please be conscious of extending a “good morning” or other appropriate warm greeting to worshipers, as they enter, and be particularly mindful of unfamiliar faces. Try to make everyone, entering the Church, feel welcome. If you cannot usher at a service that you are scheduled for, please contact and switch with another usher. Let Mary Savin in the office know of any changes. The first named usher at each service is in charge of making assignments, during the service.


Here is the schedule of Greeters/Usher schedule for Dec 2019 - March 2020

Service Time is 10:30 unless otherwise noted.

DEC 22          George Wildermuth                 Peter Marshall

                        Carlyle Dunaway                   Frank Spina


DEC 24            Richard Hagner                     Jan Hagner

   4 PM               Edward Chesnik                      Susan Chesnik


DEC 24          Harry Davison                     Kristina Davison

   6 PM              Christopher Wagner             Gail Wagner


DEC 24          Douglas Johnson                    Emily Johnson

10 PM          Stark Johnson                          Riggs Johnson


DEC 25          Thomas Gimbel                       Lel Gimbel


DEC 29     Herman Hertweck                  Jeffrey Moore

                      John Vessalico                        Nina Randall


JAN 05        Robert Copp                          Ian Gumprecht

                     Jay Aston                             Nancy Polk


JAN 12          George Wildermuth                   Carlyle Dunaway

                  Chad Doerge                          Frank Spina


JAN 19         Douglas Johnson                       Richard Hagner

                        Peter Marshall                         Donna George


JAN 26         Edward Chesnik                        Thomas Gimbel

                    Michael Powers                       Carolynn Eipel


FEB 02         Herman Hertweck                       John Vessalico

                     Harry Davison                         Gail Wagner


FEB 09      Jay Aston                                  Ian Gumprecht

                     Jeffrey Moore                            Lel Gimbel


FEB 16         Robert Copp                            Chad Doerge

                    Christopher Wagner                    Nancy Polk


FEB 23       George Wildermuth                  Carlyle Dunaway

                     Richard Hagner                        Frank Spina  


MAR 01       Douglas Johnson                    Peter Marshall

                    Chad Doerge                          Donna George


MAR 08       Thomas Gimbel                       Harry Davison

                       Michael Powers                       Carolynn Eipel


MAR 15       Edward Chesnik                      Jeffrey Moore

                     Christopher Wagner                 Lel Gimbel


MAR 22     Herman Hertweck                     Robert Copp

                     Ian Gumprecht                           Gail Wagner


MAR 29       Carlyle Dunaway                       John Vessalico

                     Peter Marshall                           Nancy Polk  


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