Baptism is one of the principal Sacraments in the Episcopal Church. Baptism fully initiates the Baptized into the Church, which today is the Life and Body of Jesus Christ. Baptism means we are now engaged and ready to participate in the parish community. It is because of this that Baptisms here at St. John’s of Lattingtown are part of our regular Sunday services. As parents, you are the effective “contact persons” of the Church Family for your child and are responsible for nurturing your child’s Christian life. You are invited to choose sponsors (godparents) who will share with you in this responsibility and who will join you in presenting your child for Baptism. At the time of Baptism, you, the godparents, and the St. John’s congregation will make promises on behalf of the child who is, as yet, unable to speak for him/herself. As the child grows, you will share with the child what has been promised and enable him/her to grow in the knowledge and love of God, and to accept the responsibilities of being a member of God’s Church.


Please contact Mary Savin at to begin a conversation about scheduling a baptism at St. John's.



The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is provided by the Church for those couples who want to make a lifelong commitment to each other before God and the community of faith. It is an opportunity to ask for God’s strength and blessing upon their life together. A wedding celebrates God’s love and the love between two individuals. At St. John’s of Lattingtown, Sacraments are deeply respected and require careful preparation. All those who come to this church with a wedding request will be required to meet with the clergy over a number of months on their journey toward marriage.


Please contact Mary Savin at to begin a conversation about scheduling a wedding at St. John's.